Built for the cloud

Onesolution customers are at the heart of all our business decisions. Everything we do centers on the question, “How will this affect our customers?” That’s why we have the highest customer satisfaction rating of any major enterprise application vendor.
Have a say in Onesolution applications.
Our customers play a huge role in the development of our products. Many participate in Brainstorm sessions, where they vote on new capabilities they would like to see in Onesolution. Each major update contains a large number of features that come directly from customer suggestions. This means you have a voice and can influence the direction of applications.
Everyone’s on the same page..
A single version of Onesolution exists across all customers. With every customer on the same version , every customer’s input moves the product forward for the good of everyone else. No customer is left behind when updated. It’s the power of one—one code line, one version, and one customer community—that allows customers to share ideas and best practices with each other.


Difficult to use. Impossible to love. Why is business software such a pain? Shouldn’t enterprise applications be as simple to use as the consumer Internet? Why can’t they be visually appealing and easy to maintain? And why can’t they help you do your job more efficiently? Our enterprise applications are simple, intuitive, and built for the cloud-computing and mobile revolutions.


In today’s frenetic marketplace, staying ahead of the business curve is now a matter of survival. To thrive in this increasingly turbulent environment, your company must be able to accommodate rapid business change. Fortunately, Onesolution’s technology innovation is racing forward in constant pursuit of what’s possible—and what’s expected.


The smartest way to make business decisions.
You need to accomplish a critical task to complete an important project. The deadline looms, but you’re stuck. You can’t find the essential information, access the right tool, or complete the necessary data analysis. Sound familiar? Making important decisions based on gut feeling is no way to conduct business. That’s why our suite of enterprise applications allows you to easily collect and use data for fact-based decision-making.

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